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Leadership. Duplicating leadership will be just as hard for churches as it has been for these secular examples. Keeping focused on the core "brand" and maintaining the same message while communicating differently the the "branch" communities.

Service. Everyone knew the bank president, their favorite teller and the loan officer. That changed when branches started out. Instead of knowing THE vice president, you knew the branch VP. You knew the branch teller. You knew the branch loan officer.

In the same way, maintaining a local face and presence will be important for the "branch churches". But maintaining the same quality of service as the main location will be the test of their success.

Interesting thoughts.

Great insight Anthony. I agree 100% with you conclusions on leadership and service. Its not a cookie cutter, one size fits all solution.

A commitment to being a multi-site church is a commitment to live with the tension of reproducing (leadership) and consitent quality (service). Thanks for your comments Anthony. I'd love to hear more conversation on how to live with that tension successfully.

In my judgment the "Multi-Site Revolution" may be one of the more damaging ideas the Church has seen in many years. I am sure to blog on it this week at

I'm interested in what Ian will have to say. We are a young church plant (less than 2 years old). We see multi-siting as a stewardship issue. Allowing us to reproduce more quickly and with more support. Our issues are with leadership for second and third sites. We have 60% previously unchurched and de-churched people. We would love to have a campus pastor come from within, but that seems a couple of years away at this point. So, we're looking outside for someone that fits our dna. That's not the easiest. We find church planters that already have a clearly defined vision that they want to carry out or we find people who just don't have the right gift mix for what we are looking for. We are looking for someone who would not only be the "face with the place" but would have some communication abilities, leadership, shepherding gifts as well. Any thoughts? Thought I would drop this post here, because I respect the guys who have been blogging on it. Any insights would be helpful. Just trying to "draft" :-)

Paul, I love your vision and I think you are right on about multi-site being a good stewardship of resources. I also love that you are attracting a hgh percentage of unchurched. All good stuff...keep it up!

Now let me challenge you. It seems like you might be trapped by your paradigm. Essentially you are saying there is no one from the outside we can get to be a campus pastor. And there is no one from within that we can raise up to be a campus pastor. If that is true, there is no solution.

My first suggestion would be that you cease believing that to be true. (I know that sounds weird, but we often get what we see). Second, I would talk to the guys at Seacoast and have them describe for you their leadership pipeline. Finally, you should take that leadership pipeline model and adjust it to your setting. Then ask God to send you the leaders. What do you think?

Caught in the draft.


Thanks Dave. I think part of it is impatience (I like to think Holy Discontent :-) I liked the pipeline from Seacoast. We are working hard to get community group apprentices and leaders and see who rises up, to then be a coach, etc. We've had some recent setbacks with people who we thought were close, but have turned out not to be so for the time being at very least. We are praying diligently that God would send us leaders, missional people, and that we would connect with the right people, and that we would be effective in helping people to take next steps in leadership development and in becoming who God has called them to be. Thanks for the encouragement. We will press on.

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