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The encoding methodology used is pretty great for standard definition video (what nearly all churches - including megachurches) can afford. The trick will be the long term ramifications of uncompressed (or low compression) HD, since the whole point of HD is to maintain stellar picture quality.

Perhaps more important than the question of the technology used is the discussion of the complex logistics required to have interactive services sharing vocals, band, video, click tracks and the rest in a seamless environment. Very aggressive of Christ Fellowship Church. I'll be looking into this and contacting them to learn how they're allowing for the Holy Spirit to move in the midst of such serious programming (way cool topic!).

Thanks for the link!

Two other churches doing sychronized worship are Northland - A Church Distributed in Orlando, Florida and Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. (Seems to be a Florida thing)

The common thread is Neil Morrison who worked with all three churches. You can reach Neil at

We have been using the streambox technology for over a year now to deliver video teaching to another campus about 3 miles away. We are using 2 T-1 Lines to keep the data rate a bit higher and quality as well. It is not a multiple direction service though... just a video venue, but the StreamBox has been great... a rock solid performer.

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