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UPDATE: Things are on the move since our last Multi-Site community gathering. We are hot at work at our Leadership Pipeline. We will be officially launching our Daytona Campus in August and have since selected campus pastors for Middleburg and the beaches. If God continues to show up, we could have 6 campuses by Feb.

"Important to note - conversion growth at the satellite campuses is higher than the original campus. So indeed, they are reaching the masses not just consolidating them!"

what a great indicator of being on track with your mission! way to go stovall!!!

New Life Church of Meriden, CT is a three site church with between 5-700 in active attendance. We don't know of others doing this in New England. Some have said, "It won't work here," but so far--so great for us. Help--any suggestions of others to talk to. Right now, all three sites have "live" speakers, but we'd like to try video/live internet connection/satellite soon. Email me or call (860) 938-2725. Thanks!

Want to connect to other multi-site churches in New England.

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