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Kudos to Tozer in living into his passion and call in such a way. He was ahead of his time! Generally speaking, I believe this is always the optimal situation; however, churches do not always give pastors permission to serve in such a focused and narrow way.

It seems almost a requirement, however, in multi-site churches today. My doctoral project is on the topic of multi-sites, as a result I have been on my own "road trip" this summer. So far, I have experienced 12 worship celebrations in 6 multi-site. The specialization or specificity of roles is very evident. I also think it is almost more important in multi-site churches. The model requires the teaching pastor to be a great teacher/communicator and requires the campus pastor to excel in shepherding the campus community.

love Tozer. love differentiating our roles in keeping with our gifts and passion! However, the pastor who just teaches, just "delivers the goods" runs the risk of missing the chance for a more incarnational kind of teaching and pastoring -- whereby salient and fruitful truth is delivered from a man or woman who lives in more consistent loving contact with lead teams, groups & families in the church family. I am wary of "trumpeting" community as a Bible teacher yet insulating my life from it in order to prepare great sermons. How about you?
Dan - Everett WA

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